Mother ZerOS

Mother ZerOS is the natural sequel of the hacking simulator Mother which resumes the events following the stories reported in the first chapter.

The game attempts to evolve its predecessor’s gameplay by introducing GDR components and a new fighting system with the various PNGs, throught an open-world exclusively context.

ZerOS, return to the Network

Mother ZerOS is an attempt to resume and evolve the concepts introduced by his predecessor, by introducing new mechanisms into the original gameplay.

The game start a few years away from the events described in the first chapter: The Underground Community is imploded in itself, separating itself into many small and irrelevant realities. The Free Developers Network was born from its ashes, an organization of Open Source developers who gave birth to ZerOS, the new version of the old operating system Mother.

You return to the Network deeply changed from previous events, where the goal of the player is to bring to light an enormous global control plan put in place by the world’s largest corporations and organizations operating on the Network.


Mother ZerOS is a videogame created by v4ldemar Indie Gaming and powered by Liquid Drive Engine, an SDL/OpenGL multimedia engine written in C++ by v4ldemar Indie Gaming.

The game is currently in development and alpha testing and it will released when it’s done.

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