Mother is a video game, an hacking simulator released in 2005.

With a Gameplay based on the concept of Interactive Fiction, the game projects you into a dystopian present, where global corporations control the Network, the world’s largest computer network created after the structural collapse of the Internet.

Game features

The game puts you in the role of a user of Mother, a new revolutionary operating system, to look for opportunities to earn. Through the network you will accept missions from mysterious characters, to progress within a system by choosing whether to serve as an agent for one of the corporations or fight alongside the Underground for the Information Freedom.

The following is the complete list of features of the final version of the game.

  • Real-time simulation of an unpublished operating system.
  • Different types of servers to be violated including: File and Database Server, News Server, Online Hardware and Software Shop, Chat Server, Cluster, and more.
  • Hundreds of hacking missions including: theft of confidential documents, deletion of sensitive information, violation and destruction of corporate servers, diffusion of spyware and viruses, and more.
  • Different organizations to join or fight against.
  • Opportunity to communicate via email with mysterious characters and members of the Underground Community.
  • Dozens of software to buy including: anti-tracer, password crackers, file viewers, disassemblers, audio sampling programs, and more.
  • Possibility to upgrade your computer’s hardware with dozens of peripheral variants including: CPUs, removable flashram drives, and broadband card adapters.
  • Hidden servers and secret missions.

Mother has also been developed with a focus on customization: You will have the opportunity to extend the game with new servers, additional missions, and entire campaigns!

N.B.: Mother is a very old videogame and unfortunately is available only in italian language. There is no possible to translate in any way the game with the modding tools, and the developer has no future plan to translate it.

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