Independent productions and miscellaneous works in which Valdemar Indie Software participated in the development and implementation.

Ordine Sparso is an online gift shop of household items and more. We go around the world to find the superfluous you can not do without! We are moved by the passion for the object from its atypical, intriguing, curious design.

ORDINESPARSO DESIGN ATIPICO is the elegant and functional choice, refined and accessible, simplicity that combines form and function, tradition and innovation.

ORDINESPARSO DESIGN ATIPICO is a passion for design and furnishings, for nonconformity and mental openness to the world.

ORDINESPARSO DESIGN ATIPICO is a constant search for modern design objects, in perfect balance between functionality and absolute originality.


v4server is a script based on Debian GNU Linux to automate and speed up the installation and configuration processes of a server environment, by providing also some basic tools to simplify the administration services. v4server is based on the following features:

  • Minimal GUI interface based on X Server/Fluxbox.
  • Apache/PHP/MySQL web server.
  • Samba file server.
  • FTP e SVN services.
  • VNC Server for remote access.


Milky is a Web Application created to manage a stock items, customer records and billing.

Developed on a PHP/MySQL platform, Milky is completely based on a modularity concept that makes the apllication extensively customizable in every aspect.

In addition to having all the tools needed to manage customer records, articles, orders, billing and shipping documents, the software also supports the management of article archiving by barcodes or QRcode as well as the generation of PDF.

The Oltre il Visibile association intends to contribute to the renovation of the artistical and cultural ideas and strategies to find new research spaces, or rather "makes visible the invisible" (Emir Kusturica).

The our mission is to promoting the diffusion of the cinematic culture between films projections, debates, training courses, pubblications, encounters with everything that is the manifestation of the cinematic world and similar activities.